DIN CuNi2Be / 2.0850
Europe/EN CuNi2Be / CW110C



-reference values- 
proportion by weight in %
Ni 1,8
Be 0,4
Cu rest

permitted other elements 0,5% max.



WIRBALIT® NIBis a high strength, age-hardened electrode material for spot welding, in particular high-cycle, continuous, or roller spot welding. Suitable for all steel grades - including alloyed and stainless steel - for coated, clad, and galvanized sheets.  


  • Spot welding electrodes
  • Roller seam welding for the production of e.g. radiators, metal packaging and tin containers.
  • Resistance welding for the production of e.g. welded wire or industrial mash.
  • Flash-butt welding for the production of e.g. vehicle wheels (wheel rims).


Download data sheet WIRBALIT ® NIB (PDF) 

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