WIRBALIT® HF/N (CuCr1Zr) tubes

Tubes (DxS) WIRBALIT® HF/N (CuCr1Zr) depending on size

Special applications

WIRBALIT® contact tubes

Take advantage of this quality product:

  • narrow tolerances
  • high strength
  • high electrical conductivity
  • high heat conductivity
  • high fusing temperature (approx. 500°C/ 930°F)
  • economical processing
  • consistently high quality

The tubes are also available with outer hexagonal shape, whereas the outer diameter complies with the width across flats. Fabrication lenght varies between 2 to 5 meters.

Fixed lengths are available upon request. The minimum order quantity of each dimension aggregates to 250 kgs.

Tubes made of WIRBALIT® HF, which are primarily used for wire contact nozzles in welding equipment, are a specialty of SVS.

Due to high quality standards subsequent calibrating of the drilling is no longer necessary.


Download data sheet WIRBALIT ® HF/N tubes (PDF)

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