DIN CuNi2,5SiCr / 2.0855
Europe/EN CuNi2,5SiCr /  -



-reference values-

proportion by weight in %
Ni 2,5
Si 0,65
Cr 0,3
Cu rest

permitted other elements 0,3 % max.

WIRBALIT ® D (CuNi2,5SiCr )

WIRBALIT® D is a beryllium-free, high strength, age-hardened electrode material featuring a higher softening temperature and high electrical conductivity. Also it is partly serving as an alternative to WIRBALIT® B. 
This material is suitable for resistance welding of conducting components, projection welding, as well as for consumable and butt welding electrodes. Additionally, welding high strength sections, pistons, and plungers of die casting machines is possible when using  WIRBALIT® D.  


Further sizes and special grades are available upon request.

Download data sheet Wirbalit ® D (PDF)

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