Product features

  • Single layer - AR (advantageous for materials with high refractive index)
  • Narrow-band AR coatings (eg for V-type single laser wavelength).
  • Broadband AR coatings
  • Multispectral AR coatings

Typical Applications

  • Antireflective sight glass window to protect high-quality laser optics from splashing material
  • Antireflective laser scanner window










Optical antireflection-Coatings

„Antireflective coating enhances performance!“
Each beam of light generates a back reflection during the transition from one into another medium. Antireflective coatings are used to minimize effects like loss of power and the appearance of dangerous hot spots caused by the back reflection.

Antireflective coatings (short AR-coating) are used in a variety in optics as they reduce the reflection of  glass surfaces. The increased light transmission and a reduction of aberrations are the main advantages.




Sample Curves for a coated fused silica Substrate for 1064NM, ND:YAG Laser 


Transmission measurments

The spectral transmission tests are made i.a. in cooperation with the Laserzentrum Hannover.

Coating range

All AR-Coatings can be offered with a wavelength range between 200-3000nm. Due to different coating materials and designs we are able to influence the broad band. 


Standard Spezification for Laserprotection windows

  • Standard substrate: Fused Silica (for lasers with higher output power)
  • Standard tolerances: ر0.1mm or +0/-1.0mm
  • Thickness: ±0.1mm or +0/-0.2mm
  • Edges grinded with facette (f. e. 0.3mmx45°)
  • Both sides mechanically polished λ4-λ6
  • Scratch/dig 60/40
  • Standard Coating:@1064nm T≥99.5%, @633nm T≥99.5%
    or broad band coating: f. e. @900-1080nm T≥99.5%
  • smudge-proof and scratch-resistant, adhesive peeling test, cleaning with alcohol mixture in a dust-free chamber, ultrasonic cleaning


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