Electrical swivelling systems


The EF 610 Mobil swivelling unit is outstanding because of its versality and high quality. Depending on the application, by means of different control units, it can be equipped with an automatic reverse function, collision detection or an increased operating speed for example. For the set-up no power or air pressure supply is necessary.

Exemplary model EF 610  series
Swivelling electrode cap tip dresser for the processing of a certain cap geometry.
Equipped with: 
- electrical cabinet with plug-in connections
- electrical swivel unit with 105° swing angle
- maintenance-free spindle drive unit
- clamping device for exact positioning
- crash detection with automatic reverse
- possibility of voltage-free set-up

- 1200 mm swiveling arm with end dampers

- powerful 3-phase drive motor with brake

- approved EF310 cap tip dresser unit

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