SVS Schweisstechnik GmbH

The business model of the SVS is based upon three main pillars, namely:

  • the trade of semi-finished products that function as a basis for several further processing and hence industrial applications,
  • the production and trade of diverse electrode cap tip dressers as well as milling electrode cap milling machinery,
  • the production of expandable material and parts utilized in welding processes.

Manifold companies that belong to the automotive (including automotive suppliers), building, and engineering industry, as well as corporations stemming from the field of household appliances, make up the broad customer base of SVS Schweißtechnik GmbH.

Particularly the service – initial set-up and maintenance of e.g. milling machines and the customer orientated production of e.g. special types of electrodes – that is connected to our products has resulted in long-term partnerships with customers from the above mentioned industries. Furthermore, our flexible and customer-centric approach to business, which is characterized by the full understanding of our customers’ problems and subsequent development of the best solution, is additionally enhanced by the excellent infrastructure of our location, from which we supply all our customers in Germany, Europe and world-wide.

The flexible structure of our production, the extensive technical knowledge and expertise, and our certified quality are combined in our daily business, concluding in the successful meeting of our customers’ requirements – for more than half a century. 

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