WIRBALIT® Contact paste

Copper-based hot thread compound

  • provides an effective protection against corrosion
  • prevents seizing and fusion of component connections made of ferrous metals
  • excellent separating effect
  • operational temperature range: -20/+1100°C

WIRBaLIT® contact grease paste is a copper-coloured, metalliferous separating paste, based on mineral oil. The combination of mineral oil with a special thickener as well as additives of heavy metal free compounds and solid lubricants results in a pasty high temperature compound, which ensures an excellent release effect.

WIRBALIT® contact grease paste is being used when preparing bolted joints, bolts, hinges and clutches, including screw joints in the exhaust gas flow of combustion engines.

In particular cases this contact paste can also be used as lubricating grease, such as for slowly oscillating link joints or for specific slide bearings at low speeds with high loads.  


Please apply the contact grease paste with a bush, cloth or sponge and make sure to have the work surface cleaned before application.

Available container sizes: 1000 grams