Experts for welding and milling technology from the very beginning

Our company history clearly shows how enthusiasm for technical developments leads to economic success. SVS's fast reaction times and the trusting relationship with customers and employees are based on our company history, which has its roots in a renowned group of companies – and since 1996 has ensured maximum adaptability to the market with the flexible organisational structure of a medium-sized company.

Our success has tradition

Early 1960s            

Establishment of welding know-how within the AEG Group at the Mülheim site

Late 1970s       

Delivery of the first extruded electrode caps made of CuCr1Zr

Late 1980s

SVS starts the development of electrode cap tip dressers


From a group subsidiary to an independent company: Independence from the AEG Group while retaining name rights.


Move to a new building at the Fritz-Thyssen-Straße


SVS develops the first milling devices with swivel-in function


Start of the cooperation with a sales partner for the Polish market


The cooperation project with company FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG in the field of automatically exchangeable milling cutter combination units begins


Expansion of the storage and production capacity in the area of electrode tip dressers


Company name established as SVS Schweißtechnik GmbH


What only few people know: The first ever extruded electrode cap comes from SVS. Including its time as an AEG subsidiary, SVS is the company with the longest history active on the market.